Why choose The Document People?

The Document People has been in the legal document preparation business for over 25+ years. We have helped thousands of people with their Trusts, Divorces, and other legal document needs.

Is The Document People registered and bonded in CA?

Yes! As per the state’s requirement, we are registered and bonded in California. Many online services have failed to comply with state law requiring registration and bonding which is required by California law to offer legal document assistant services in the state. You should always inquire if the office that is helping you with your documents is registered as LDA in the state of California.

Is the Document People a Law firm?

We are NOT a Law firm or attorneys, and do not provide legal advice; however, we do provide exceptionally high quality legal document preparation services with cost effective prices.

Where is your office located?

Yes! Our office is located in Oceanside, CA. Our address is 3742 Mission Ave., Ste 100, Oceanside, CA 92058. Phone: 760-754-9059. Email:thedocumentpeople@att.net

How long does it take to prepare my Trust?

It takes about 7-10 business days to finalize your trust.

Do you prepare other legal documents other than Trust or Wills or Divorce?

Yes, we prepare variety of legal documents such as Power of Attorney, Deeds, Affidavit of Death, Operating agreements, and so many other documents.

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